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UV Medico & Falck: Elevating Ambulance Safety with UV222 Technology

UV Medico & Falck: Elevating Ambulance Safety with UV222 Technology

UV Medico and Falck: Revolutionizing Ambulance Safety with Advanced UV222 Technology

In an exciting partnership, UV Medico is proud to announce our collaboration with Falck, a leading global provider of emergency and healthcare services. This innovative venture highlights the installation of our UV222 Ambulance lamps in 56 new Falck ambulances in Region Zealand - Denmark, a significant step forward in improving ambulance disinfection and safety standards.

Introducing Falck: Pioneers in Global Emergency Services

Falck, with a presence in 26 countries, is renowned for its exceptional emergency and healthcare services. The organization is dedicated to providing swift and reliable care in critical situations, supported by a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our partnership with Falck is aligned with this mission, aiming to enhance patient and staff safety through the integration of advanced technology.

Through our collaboration with Falck, our goal is to merge their expertise with our innovative technologies to establish a safer and more effective environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. This collaboration aims to redefine ambulance safety standards and establish a new standard for infection control in medical transport settings.

The Power of UV222: A New Era in Infection Control

At UV Medico, we specialize in advanced Far-UVC technology, central to our UV222 lamps. These lamps are specifically designed to provide continuous, effective disinfection, making environments safer without risking human health. These lamps excel at combatting a wide range of harmful pathogens, including multi-resistant bacteria and fungi, making them a perfect fit for high-risk environments such as ambulances.

The UV222 lamps operate at a specific wavelength of 222 nm, a setting backed by science for its efficiency in pathogen neutralization while being safe for human exposure. This wavelength is finely tuned to ensure it does not penetrate human skin or eyes, thereby avoiding the health risks typically associated with traditional UV light exposure. This feature underscores the lamps' role in providing a safe, effective solution for infection control in various environments, from emergency services to healthcare facilities, where maintaining stringent hygiene standards is crucial.

UV222 Ambulance Integration: Effortless Setup, Instant Benefits

The integration of our UV222 Ambulance lamps into Falck's ambulances was meticulously planned to ensure minimal disruption to their critical operations. Installed strategically to maximize exposure to high-touch and high-risk areas, these lamps operate continuously, providing a consistently sterile environment. This installation not only demonstrates the ease and efficiency of deploying our technology but also underscores our commitment to enhancing operational safety and cleanliness in medical transport.

Study-Backed Efficacy

The effectiveness of our UV222 lamps in ambulances is substantiated by compelling research, a study led by Professor Christian Holm.

Falck Ambulance - Uv Medico

This research highlights the lamps' ability to dramatically reduce the presence of pathogens, securing a safer environment for both healthcare workers and patients. Here are some crucial insights from the study:

  1. Proven Efficacy: The UV222 lamps showed a remarkable reduction in microbial load, decreasing pathogen presence by up to 99.9% on ambulance surfaces.
  2. Safe Operation: The study confirmed that the lamps operate safely around humans, utilizing a Far-UVC light at 222 nm which does not penetrate human skin or eyes, ensuring it poses no health risks during operation.
  3. Broad-Spectrum Disinfection: Results indicated that UV222 effectively neutralizes a variety of pathogens, including tough-to-combat strains like MRSA and various fungi, proving its efficacy beyond ordinary bacterial targets.
  4. Seamless Integration: The installation of UV222 systems was executed without disrupting the normal functions of the ambulance service, showcasing the practicality and adaptability of this technology in critical healthcare settings.

This integration of UV222 technology in ambulances aligns perfectly with our commitment to advancing healthcare safety and efficacy, as detailed on our dedicated ambulances page. For more comprehensive insights into the installation process and its benefits, you can access the full study here. ​

Looking Forward: UV Medico’s Vision for Global Healthcare Safety

Our collaboration with Falck is just the beginning of what we envision as a transformative journey in healthcare safety. UV Medico is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in microbial control, aiming to equip more emergency services and healthcare facilities worldwide with our cutting-edge technology.

This initiative reflects our commitment to pioneering new solutions and our dedication to improving the quality of care and safety in healthcare settings globally. We invite you to stay tuned to our journey as we continue to innovate and lead in the field of Far-UVC technology.