UV222 Ambulance

Integrated solution for ambulances and other vehicles

The UV222 Ambulance offers seamless installation in the rear cabin, making it the ultimate Far-UVC solution tailored specifically for ambulances.

UV222 Ambulance

Easy Integrated Solution

The UV222 Ambulance represents our solution for seamlessly integrating Far-UVC technology into ambulances. Created for direct mounting inside the rear cabin, it can be placed on side panels, top panels, corners, or other suitable locations based on specific requirements.

The compact design of the UV222 Ambulance lamp ensures that it does not interfere with the work of emergency care personnel. These lamps are designed to 
continuously inactivate microorganisms, providing protection for both emergency care personnel and patients. This protection is effective both between patients and during ambulance operation, creating a safer environment for everyone involved in emergency care. 

We offer customised solutions tailored to the requirements of specific manufacturers.

Safe And Effective Microbial Control

Far-UVC technology has emerged as a highly effective solution for microbial control. Operating at 222 nm, Far-UVC light showcases potent germicidal properties, effectively inactivating viruses, bacteria, and fungi. What sets UV222 apart is its exceptional safety for humans; the light does not penetrate human skin or eyes.


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