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UV Medico's Latest UV222 Booth: Ready for Delivery

UV Medico's Latest UV222 Booth: Ready for Delivery

In this blog post, we share the journey of another UV222 Booth, ready for delivery and on-site assembly by our team, enhancing cleanroom safety with advanced UVC disinfection technology.

Discover the booth's design and quick decontamination benefits, and see how it integrates seamlessly into cleanroom settings.

Discover the journey of the latest UV222 Booth

UV Medico is thrilled to announce that our UV222 Booth, designed for advanced cleanroom safety, is ready for delivery. It will be assembled on-site by our specialized team.

This cutting-edge booth is a testament to our commitment to innovation in UV-C disinfection technology, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. It provides rapid and effective decontamination, reducing environmental bioburden and enhancing cleanliness in sensitive environments.

UV222 - UV Medico

It employs filtered Far-UVC light, safe for occupied spaces, completing the disinfection process in under 30 seconds. This feature ensures a higher standard of cleanliness and reduces the risk of product contamination for operators entering high-grade areas, crucial for industries relying on cleanroom facilities.

Understanding the critical role of cleanrooms across various industries, from pharmaceuticals to aerospace, UV Medico has engineered the UV222 Booth to meet the stringent requirements of these controlled environments. The booth aids in meeting microbial contamination limits at the entry of high-grade classified areas, reinforcing the integrity of the cleanroom.

UV222 Booth - Disinfection process
UV Medico Booth - Start Stop-1


Key features of the UV222 Booth include a touchless operation interface, an external display indicating the operating status of the booth, and a countdown bar for cycle tracking, enhancing user safety and convenience. Its design allows standalone installation or customization to integrate seamlessly into existing cleanrooms, showcasing UV Medico's flexibility in addressing diverse client needs.

UV Medico Booth - Ready for delivery

Explore the detailed capabilities and design features of the UV222 Booth and discover how UV Medico's tailored solutions are setting new benchmarks in cleanroom disinfection.

Learn how this advanced solution can transform your cleanroom operations and uphold the highest contamination control standards.

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