Far-UVC Cleanroom Solutions

Substantial reduction of cleanroom excursions

UV Medico offers a solution for allowing fully gowned operators to enter cleanrooms without any microbial contamination on their gown, mask, goggles, or other equipment.

Full decontamination of gowned Cleanroom operators in seconds

Within seconds, the UV222 Booth reduces contamination of the cleanroom operator to levels below detection. By minimizing the risk of operators introducing contamination into the cleanroom environment, the incidence rate of excursions is lowered substantially.

Around 80% of cleanroom excursions originate from the human operators.  The UV222 Booth effectively reduces this problem.

UV222 Cleanroom Downlight reduces contamination in all areas

The UV222 Cleanroom Downlight meets all cleanroom installation requirements up to class A/B and is designed to be installed in every single area of your cleanroom, from CNC to A/B areas. This includes the need for a primary seal, which can be inspected and replaced every 5 years for maintenance.

The front module of the lamp is oriented towards the cleanroom area, serving as a ceiling insert that seamlessly fits various types of ceiling panels. It is powder-coated, and features quartz glass bonded and sealed to the ceiling panel using FDA-approved silicone. To access the lamp for maintenance, the back module can be unscrewed from your service hatch.




Comply with Annex 1 using the groundbreaking UV222 Booth

The new Annex 1, taking effect on August 25, 2023, mandates that manufacturers of sterile products must implement measures to minimize the risk of microbial contamination.

The UV222 Booth aids compliance with Annex 1 by effectively inactivating microorganisms on gowned personnel before they enter high-grade cleanroom areas.

A game changer in cleanroom decontamination

Until now, a significant challenge has been posed by the presence of small biologicals and pathogens in residual smaller particles, which can remain viable and undermine cleanroom security.

The revolutionary UV222 Booth, utilising the human-safe Far-UVC wavelength at 222 nm, reduces cleanroom excursions.



Customised solutions for any cleanroom

The UV222 Booth is designed to be versatile, allowing for easy installation in existing cleanrooms.

By synchronising the UV222 Booth with the cleanroom’s automated system, the decontamination process can be aligned seamlessly with existing workflows and protocols. It can be positioned in specific locations to suit the layout and requirements of the cleanroom.

Do you want to know more about the UV222 Booth?

Decontaminate cleanroom shoes with the UV222 Step-On

Cleanroom personnel are trained to minimize contamination by following strict protocols and wearing specific protective equipment. This includes wearing specially designed cleanroom shoes, which are easy to clean, secure stability, and are often made of a non-shedding fabric.

Although the shoes are easy to clean, they still represent a risk of contamination, when personnel put on their shoes and move through different cleanroom areas.

The UV222 Step-On is touchless, chemical-free, and a fast and effective way of decontaminating the entire outsole of the shoes, reaching areas inaccessible to sticky mats and wipes.


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