UV222 Downlight

Effective and safe disinfection

Engineered for optimal overhead UVC disinfection, this downlight offers targeted decontamination for air and surface cleanliness in diverse settings, seamlessly integrating into various environments without compromising human presence.

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Disinfection easily integrated

Children and young adults are among the most vulnerable, being particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, during which over 90% of schools worldwide were fully or partially closed. Many organisations have pointed out the high risk of intergenerational inequality, and the need to find new solution to prevent this in the future.

Far-UVC has been identified as the best emerging technology to fight the spread of pathogens in occupied spaces. UV222 Downlight can add substantial protection against aerosolised pathogens in high traffic classrooms, offices, and hallways.

Safe And Effective Microbial Control

Far-UVC technology has emerged as a highly effective solution for microbial control. Operating at 222 nm, Far-UVC light showcases potent germicidal properties, effectively inactivating viruses, bacteria, and fungi. What sets UV222 apart is its exceptional safety for humans; the light does not penetrate human skin or eyes.


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