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We have collected a selection of explanatory videos on Far-UVC light and its effect on pathogens and people


Why Far UV-C light prevents infectious diseases from spreading

Christian Kanstrup Holm, CEO at UV Medico, explains how UV222™ reduces the risk of contagion in high-traffic and high-touch areas, improving the safety and health of the people occupying the space.

How we ensure that the Far UV-C light is safe

Christian Kanstrup Holm, Chief Medical Advisor at UV Medico, explains how UV222™ complies with national and international regulations.

The technology behind UV222™

Nicolas Volet, Chief Technology Officer at UV Medico, explains the technology behind the Far-UVC lamp UV222™.

Ushio, Inc. and Care222®

Learn more about Japanese company Ushio, Inc. and the technology they provide for the UV222™.

Seier og Corona_thumbnail
The fight against COVID-19

Lars Seier Christensen, investor in UV Medico, talks Far-UVC with Chairman of the Board, Peter Johansen, Christian Kanstrup Holm (CEO), and Nicolas Volet (CTO).
(In Danish)