UV222 Step-On

Decontaminate cleanroom shoes

A touchless, chemical-free solution for decontaminating footwear both on the way into the cleanroom and also on the way out, addressing contamination risks not fully mitigated by sticky mats

Uv222 Step-On

Decontaminate cleanroom shoes with the UV222 Step-On

Cleanroom personnel are trained to minimise their bioburden by following strict protocols and wearing specific protective equipment. This includes wearing specially designed cleanroom shoes, which are easy to clean, secure stability, and are often made of a non-shedding fabric.

Although the shoes are easy to clean, they still represent a risk of contamination, when personnel put on their shoes and move through different cleanroom areas.

The UV222 Step-On is touchless, chemical-free, and a fast and effective way of decontaminating the entire outsole of the shoes, reaching areas inaccessible to sticky mats and wipes.

Comply with Annex 1 using the Step-On

The new Annex 1, taking effect on August 25, 2023, mandates that manufacturers of sterile products must implement measures to minimize the risk of microbial contamination.

The Step-On ensures adherence to Annex 1 by efficiently deactivating microorganisms on footwear as individuals enter and exit the cleanroom.


Safe And Effective Microbial Control

Far-UVC technology has emerged as a highly effective solution for microbial control. Operating at 222 nm, Far-UVC light showcases potent germicidal properties, effectively inactivating viruses, bacteria, and fungi. What sets UV222 apart is its exceptional safety for humans; the light does not penetrate human skin or eyes.


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