UV222 Industrial

Disinfecting lamp for industrial use

With its IP66 rating, UV222 Industrial is protected against pressurised water and ready to be installed in all settings requiring intensive and regular cleaning.

UV222 Industrial

For industry use

Ultraviolet light is widely used for disinfection in many industries, including medicine and food processing. The application of this technology in livestock production is a more recent development and is increasingly being used, especially on swine farms, as producers look for ways to improve biosecurity in response to frequent outbreaks of devastating diseases, such as African swine fever.

UV222 Industrial has been developed combining the benefits Far-UVC light and a housing adapted to the hardest environments. Thanks to its IP66 rating, UV222 Industrial is dust-tight and protected against pressurised water, which makes it ideal for the disinfection of production areas, barns, and stables for the protection of living animals, offering continuous disinfection with harmless radiation.

A Mercury free sign

Introducing Mercury-Free Far-UVC Technology with KrCl Lamps

UV Medico is proud to introduce an advanced disinfection technology: mercury-free, 222 nm Krypton-Chloride (KrCl) excimer lamps. These innovative lamps offer a safe, sustainable alternative to traditional mercury-based systems, aligning with modern environmental and health standards. Ideal for cleanroom environments, KrCl lamps assure high-level disinfection efficacy without compromising human or ecological safety.

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Combatting Mold with Advanced Far-UVC Solutions

Mold spores can compromise indoor air quality, triggering a range of health issues from severe allergic reactions to life-threatening infections, particularly in hospital environments. Our latest research reveals that intermittent, low-dose applications of UV222 are surprisingly effective in halting mold growth, ensuring cleaner air while maintaining safe environments for human presence. This innovative approach not only aligns with real-world usage but also opens new frontiers for maintaining health standards in medical facilities and beyond.

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