UV222 Industrial

Disinfecting lamp for industrial use

With its IP66 rating, UV222 Industrial is protected against pressurised water and ready to be installed in all settings requiring intensive and regular cleaning.

UV222 Industrial

For industry use

Ultraviolet light is widely used for disinfection in many industries, including medicine and food processing. The application of this technology in livestock production is a more recent development and is increasingly being used, especially on swine farms, as producers look for ways to improve biosecurity in response to frequent outbreaks of devastating diseases, such as African swine fever.

UV222 Industrial has been developed combining the benefits Far-UVC light and a housing adapted to the hardest environments. Thanks to its IP66 rating, UV222 Industrial is dust-tight and protected against pressurised water, which makes it ideal for the disinfection of production areas, barns, and stables for the protection of living animals, offering continuous disinfection with harmless radiation.

Safe And Effective Microbial Control

Far-UVC technology has emerged as a highly effective solution for microbial control. Operating at 222 nm, Far-UVC light showcases potent germicidal properties, effectively inactivating viruses, bacteria, and fungi. What sets UV222 apart is its exceptional safety for humans; the light does not penetrate human skin or eyes.


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