Using Far-UVC to Improve Indoor Air Quality


Combatting Airborne Pathogens to Protect Health and Well-being

The power of UV light at 222 nm is unparalleled in its ability to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air

Continuous Microbial Reduction in the Presence of People

Inactivation of airborne viruses up to 99.9%, including SARS-COV-2.

Air Changes Equivalents per hour (eACH)

Reduces spread of infection of colds, flu and other viruses. Read more.

Mercury-Free and Environmentally Friendly

Zero Mercury, no chemicals, 12 watt power consumption and UL867 Ozone Compliant. Read more.

Product Lifetime

Our technology exceeds the industry lifetime standards by more than 13.000 hours.

Efficient defense against airborne diseases

Airborne diseases constantly threaten public health, especially with the challenges posed by seasonal influenza and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Combat these risks effectively by enhancing indoor air quality with the installation of UV222.

This innovative technology works tirelessly to reduce the airborne bioburden, creating a safer environment for all.

The power of UV light at 222 nm is unparalleled in its ability to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air. By proactively utilizing this germicidal effectiveness, you can take control of disease prevention and promote a healthier, safer space for everyone.

Trust in UV222 as a crucial tool in your defense against airborne diseases.

Candida Auris - CDC picture

Enhancing Infection Control with Far-UVC Against Candida Auris

Our research underscores the power of Far-UVC technology as a game-changer in combating Candida auris, a pathogen posing significant challenges in healthcare facilities. The recent study confirms that Far-UVC light can inactivate 99% of Candida auris on various surfaces within 45 minutes, offering a robust solution that enhances hospital hygiene and reduces dependency on manual cleaning. This innovative technology effectively works on materials like steel, glass, and plastic, crucial for preventing the spread of an organism known for its alarming resistance to antifungal treatments and its ability to cause severe infections.

Combatting Mold with Advanced Far-UVC Solutions

Mold spores can compromise indoor air quality, triggering a range of health issues from severe allergic reactions to life-threatening infections, particularly in hospital environments. Our latest research reveals that intermittent, low-dose applications of UV222 are surprisingly effective in halting mold growth, ensuring cleaner air while maintaining safe environments for human presence. This innovative approach not only aligns with real-world usage but also opens new frontiers for maintaining health standards in medical facilities and beyond.

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UV Medico Partners with Falck to Boost Ambulance Safety Using UV222 Technology

UV Medico has teamed up with Falck, a global leader in emergency services, to install UV222 Ambulance lamps in Falck's ambulances throughout Region Zealand in Denmark. This collaboration aims to revolutionize ambulance disinfection practices, significantly enhancing safety for both patients and healthcare workers.

Introducing Mercury-Free Far-UVC Technology with KrCl Lamps

UV Medico is proud to introduce an advanced disinfection technology: mercury-free, 222 nm Krypton-Chloride (KrCl) excimer lamps. These innovative lamps offer a safe, sustainable alternative to traditional mercury-based systems, aligning with modern environmental and health standards. Ideal for cleanroom environments, KrCl lamps assure high-level disinfection efficacy without compromising human or ecological safety.

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Meet the Segment Managers


Jordi Amagat Molas, PhD

Life Science and Pharma

With a PhD in Biological Chemical Engineering Jordi is the perfect Life Science and Pharma Segment Manager. Always feel free to reach out!

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Cecilie Meltofte

Cecilie Meltofte

Indoor Air Quality

With a master´s degree in Biology specialising in Microbiology Cecilie is very passionate about Far-UVC and Indoor Air Quality. Write or call Cecilie if you have any questions about this.

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Mads Emil Bandholm

Mads Emil Bandholm

Healthcare and Ambulance

Having worked with Far-UVC his entire career Mads was the obvious choice as Segment Manager in Healthcare and Ambulance sectors. If you have any technical questions contact Mads.

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