UV222 Linear

Minimize the risk of surgical site infections

Designed for use in operating theatres, supports high cleanliness standards essential for sterile environments. It plays a crucial role in minimizing surgical site infections (SSIs) risks by significantly reducing microbial load in the area.

This lamp offers a targeted approach to maintaining a contamination-free surgical setting, enhancing patient safety and surgical outcomes.

Uv222 Linear

Linear light for operating theatres

The UV222 Linear seamlessly integrates visible light and continuous air and surface decontamination. Designed for installation in operating theatres and various settings requiring the dual effect of visible and Far-UVC light at 222 nm, such as patient rooms, restrooms, medical staff rooms, and waiting areas.

In operating theatres, the UV222 Linear offers flexibility, suitable for being installed as a stand-alone unit or integrated with a Laminar Air Flow (LAF) system. This integration ensures effective, chemical-free decontamination, serving as a powerful asset in maintaining the cleanliness and safety standards of modern surgical facilities, all without posing any risk to patients or medical staff.

True and flicker-free colours

Each UV222 Linear integrates effective decontamination modules and a powerful illumination system. The visible lights included in the system deliver potent white light for an enhanced visualisation of the surgical field. The lights have a 90 colour rendering index (CRI) and 4,000 K, producing true and distinct colours. The flicker-free properties, together with tone and colour variation, reduce the tiredness of surgeons and nurses and increase their productivity.

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Candida Auris - CDC picture

Enhancing Infection Control with Far-UVC Against Candida Auris

Our research underscores the power of Far-UVC technology as a game-changer in combating Candida auris, a pathogen posing significant challenges in healthcare facilities. The recent study confirms that Far-UVC light can inactivate 99% of Candida auris on various surfaces within 45 minutes, offering a robust solution that enhances hospital hygiene and reduces dependency on manual cleaning. This innovative technology effectively works on materials like steel, glass, and plastic, crucial for preventing the spread of an organism known for its alarming resistance to antifungal treatments and its ability to cause severe infections.

Achieving Annex 1 Compliance in Aseptic Filling Lines with UV222 Linear

The UV222 Linear as a paramount solution for achieving compliance with the stringent Annex 1 guidelines in aseptic filling lines. This innovative technology ensures the highest standards of sterility by providing continuous decontamination capabilities that optimize safety and efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. Utilizing Far-UVC light, the UV222 Linear addresses the critical requirements for microbial control without compromising human health, paving the way for a new era in cleanroom operations.

aseptic filling line

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