Automated decontamination for enhanced protection during operation

Reduce the risk of disease transmission while patients and medical staff are present in the ambulance


Pathogens within ambulances pose a risk of spreading disease to both patients and medical staff during transfers to the hospital.

Our solution offers effective decontaminates of the patient cabinet without requiring manual intervention once installed and configured.

Real-Time Killing of Pathogens on the go

Cleaning of ambulances traditionally occurs after patients have been transferred to the hospital. This does little to prevent transmission of disease between medical staff and patient during transport.

Our Far-UVC technology introduces a new standard that kills pathogens in real-time to prevent transmission of disease between medical staff and patient.


Simple Integrated Solution

Our UV222 Ambulance is the key to effortlessly incorporating cutting-edge Far-UVC technology into ambulances. Designed for seamless installation within the rear cabin, it offers versatility in placement options such as side panels, top panels, corners, or any other suitable location tailored to your specific needs.

Revolutionize Ambulance Hygiene

Download the Aarhus University-Authored Report

Elevate your understanding of ambulance sterilization with our concise, innovative study, co-authored by Prof. Christian K. Holm and Aarhus University experts. Delve into the science behind UV222 light - a powerful, yet safe disinfection technology that is reshaping patient transport safety standards. This cutting-edge research champions a new era of infection control.

Optimize your healthcare practice by accessing the key insights of this influential study. Click to download and stay at the forefront of medical safety innovation.

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