Cecilie Aaberg Meltofte

Segment Manager - Indoor Air Quality at UV Medico, holds a robust educational background with a Master's degree in Biology from Aarhus University. Cecilie’s multifaceted career is driven by her passion for biology and her dedication to enhancing Indoor Air Quality.

Air Changes in Healthcare Facility - Far UVC

2 min read

Understanding Far-UVC and Equivalent Air Changes: A Guide to Advanced Air Purification

Published Nature in 2022, a scientific paper titled "Far-UVC (222 nm) efficiently inactivates an airborne pathogen in a room-sized chamber" was authored by prominent researchers within the Far-UVC community. The study found that Far-UVC...

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UV Medico Stand - Achema 2024

3 min read

Join UV Medico at Achema 2024 for Advanced Cleanroom Solutions

UV Medico is excited to announce our participation in Achema 2024, one of the premier events in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. This year,...

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