UV222 Material Airlock

The UV222 Material Airlock offers a microbial decontamination solution for larger equipment, ensuring a rapid process that prepares the equipment for transfer between cleanroom zones without causing any material degradation or particle transfer.

Uv222 Material Airlock

Ensure equipment decontamination during transfers

The UV222 Material Airlock forms a protective barrier between cleanroom zones, ensuring seamless equipment decontamination during transfers and effectively preventing particle transfer, safeguarding the cleanliness standards of the cleanroom.

When transferring equipment to higher-grade cleanroom areas, decontamination is essential, encompassing both smaller and bigger items including substantial equipment such as vessels. Cleanroom requirements specify the number of particles and microbial load, creating a restrictive work environment, where every risk of contamination should be minimised.

A Mercury free sign

Introducing Mercury-Free Far-UVC Technology with KrCl Lamps

UV Medico is proud to introduce an advanced disinfection technology: mercury-free, 222 nm Krypton-Chloride (KrCl) excimer lamps. These innovative lamps offer a safe, sustainable alternative to traditional mercury-based systems, aligning with modern environmental and health standards. Ideal for cleanroom environments, KrCl lamps assure high-level disinfection efficacy without compromising human or ecological safety.

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