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Indoor Air Quality

Illustration of a virus particle with the text 'How to achieve more than 99% Reduction of Airborne Viruses' highlighting effective strategies for reducing airborne virus transmission

1 min read

Eliminate Airborne Viruses in Occupied Rooms Using Far-UVC Technology

A recent study published in Scientific Reports bridges the gap between laboratory benchtop studies and the real-world efficacy of Far-UVC light,...

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Air Changes in Healthcare Facility - Far UVC

2 min read

Understanding Far-UVC and Equivalent Air Changes: A Guide to Advanced Air Purification

Published Nature in 2022, a scientific paper titled "Far-UVC (222 nm) efficiently inactivates an airborne pathogen in a room-sized chamber" was...

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Mold Photo - UVMedico

2 min read

Tackling Mold with Human-Safe, Low-Dose Far-UVC Light

Molds possess the uncanny ability to infest any damp surface, whether in our homes or within hospital walls, compromising the air quality by...

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