Effective decontamination for Healthcare

Minimizing Bioburden and Maximizing Safety with Far-UVC

The Far-UVC solution by UV Medico provides continuous, human-safe, and effective decontamination in hospitals without disrupting patient care.

Far-UVC targets all known pathogens including multi-resistant bacteria, MRSA, Candida auris, and coronaviruses, outperforming traditional methods for a superior and professional decontamination solution.

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Reduce Risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections

Reducing the risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) is essential in operating rooms, where surgical site infections (SSIs) pose significant risks to patients. SSIs can cause complications, prolong hospital stays, and increase costs.

UV222 technology uses a specific Far-UVC wavelength at 222 nm to effectively destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi without harming human tissues. By integrating UV222 into operating rooms,  microbial levels on surfaces and in the air are significantly reduced, lowering the risk of SSIs.

This advancement offers a continuous, automated alternative to traditional methods, aligning with the healthcare industry’s push towards innovative patient safety measures. UV222 technology is transforming the fight against SSIs and other HAIs.

Eliminate Candida auris and other fungi

Until recently, hospitals lacked effective measures to combat Candida auris, a dangerous fungus resistant to most antifungals that poses significant risks, especially to immunocompromised patients. This fungus spreads rapidly, causes severe infections, and has heightened concerns among healthcare professionals worldwide, increasing the need for innovative solutions.

UV222 technology represents a breakthrough in infection control. UV Medico's system utilizes narrow-spectrum ultraviolet light to effectively neutralize Candida auris along with a broad spectrum of other harmful pathogens, all without posing risks to human health.

Incorporating this state-of-the-art technology into hospital infection control protocols can reduce the risk of severe fungal infections, creating a safer environment for both patients and healthcare providers.

By exposing mold to UV222 you get a significant reduction in development of Fungi

How UV Medico's UV222 Products Keep Healthcare Facilities Safe

Our cutting-edge Far-UVC technology, UV222, revolutionizes decontamination with its ability to combat a wide array of pathogens, including resistant bacteria and viruses. By reducing bioburden in patient care areas, we set new cleanliness and safety standards in healthcare environments.

What sets our UV222 technology apart is its ability to provide continuous, real-time decontamination without disrupting the essential and life-saving work performed by healthcare professionals. UV222 operates continuously and seamlessly within busy healthcare settings, without requiring intervention from healthcare professionals.

Moreover, prioritizing patient safety, our technology not only prevents pathogen spread but also protects the most vulnerable patients, marking a significant advancement in creating safer, more resilient healthcare systems ready to face current and future challenges.

Vertex222 - MMC Hospital (1)

Prevent the Spread of Multi-Resistant Bacteria like MRSA

As antibiotic resistance intensifies, creating a global health crisis, our advanced UV222 systems offer a viable solution against multi-drug resistant bacteria. These superbugs, responsible for millions of deaths annually, are effectively neutralized by our technology, which operates at a safe wavelength for humans but is lethal to microorganisms.

UV222 allows for continuous decontamination of air and surfaces in occupied hospital environments, without posing health risks to patients and healthcare providers. It is a game-changer for complying with rigorous hospital hygiene standards.

Extensive research has confirmed the efficacy of UV Medico’s UV222 solutions in disrupting the DNA and RNA of drug-resistant bacteria, preventing their replication, and spread. This non-invasive, environmentally friendly technology marks a significant advancement in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable: UV222's Role in Safer Healthcare Environments

In modern healthcare, protecting vulnerable patients from infections is crucial.

UV222 technology is designed to safely and effectively neutralize harmful pathogens, reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in sensitive environments such as neonatal and intensive care units (ICUs), as well as oncology departments. This innovative decontamination method supports critical care areas by ensuring continuous protection without posing risks to patients or healthcare providers.

UV Medico’s adoption of Far-UVC technology in the UV222 solutions enhances infection control measures, helping hospitals safeguard the health of their most susceptible patients, comply with high hygiene standards, and improve overall care quality.

Vertex 222 at MMC Hospital

Vertex 222 at MMC Hospital

Vertex 222 - MMC Hospital

Vertex 222 Delivering

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MMC Hospital


MMC Hospital Lobby

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Introducing the Vertex 222

The Vertex 222 is engineered with flexibility in mind, available in both stationary and mobile designs, ensuring it can be perfectly placed wherever it's most needed. Its lamps are masterfully designed to distribute Far-UVC light evenly, guaranteeing a thorough decontamination process. Whether standing alone in secluded corners or paired with UV Medico's other UV222 innovations, the Vertex 222 stands at the forefront of fostering environments that are not only safer but also healthier.

Opting for either the stationary or mobile version, the Vertex 222 is equipped with customizable settings and a durable build, making it the go-to choice for spaces aiming to enhance cleanliness and safety.




Sustainable Healthcare with Far-UVC

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UV222 makes offices, medical installations and more safe from bacteria and diseases

UV222 Ambulance

Seamless installation making it the ultimate Far UV-C solution tailored for ambulances

UV222 Linear

LAF-compatible and designed for settings requiring the dual effect of visible and Far UV-C light.

Vertex 222

UV222 Pendant

Deeper and safer disinfection with an elegant design easily integrated into any space

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