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Enhancing Patient Safety with UV Medico's UV222 at King Hamad Hospital

Enhancing Patient Safety with UV Medico's UV222 at King Hamad Hospital

We’re thrilled to announce that UV Medico's UV222 Lamp is now operational at King Hamad American Mission Hospital (KHAMH) in Bahrain.

Listen here - UV Medicos UV222 at King Hamad Hospital

This partnership represents a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to enhance patient safety through advanced disinfection technology. We are proud to announce the installation of our innovative UV222 lamps, which will play a key role in revolutionizing infection control in healthcare settings.

This strategic collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to advancing the standard of care and ensuring the well-being of both patients and healthcare workers.

The official launch event, held in Bahrain, was graced by several notable figures, including:

  • His Excellency Lieutenant General Doctor Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Health
  • Her Excellency Liselotte Ellegaard Kjærsgaard Plesner, Ambassador of Denmark
  • Dr. Lulwa Showaiter, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Mariam Al Jalahma, CEO of Government Hospitals
  • Dr. Ejlal Al Alawi, CEO of Primary Health Care Center
  • Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Ansari, CEO of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) in Bahrain
  • Mr. Anders Samuelsen, CEO of UV Medico Europe, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
  • Mr. Peter Johansen, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of UV Medico
  • Mr. Mohammad Fawzi, MENA Director of UV Medico


Peter Johansen - Uv Medico - Speach in King Hamad American Mission Hospital
Official launch of UV Medico in King Hamad American Mission Hospital - 1
official launch of UV Medico in King Hamad American Mission Hospital - 2

Importance of the Partnership 

The collaboration with King Hamad American Mission Hospital, Bahrain’s oldest and most advanced healthcare institution, is a testament to the efficacy and safety of our UV222 technology. This partnership is crucial in setting a new standard for infection control, ensuring that healthcare environments are clean and safe for both patients and staff.


His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed

"Technology like UV Medico, with its great ability to disinfect pathogens, should be implemented in Ministry of Health Hospitals."

Excellency Sheikh Mohammed

Understanding UV222 Technology

As stated at The Daily Tribune - News Of Bahrain, UV222 technology uses Far-UVC light at 222 nm to inactivate a wide range of pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and Candida. Unlike traditional UV lamps, UV222 light is safe for human exposure, making it an ideal solution for continuous disinfection in occupied spaces.

Why UV222 Technology is Revolutionary

  1. Safety
    Unlike conventional UV lamps that are harmful to human cells, UV222 light does not penetrate the living cells of the skin or eyes, making it safe for continuous use in occupied environments.
  2. Effectiveness
    UV222 light has been proven to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores, including multi-drug resistant organisms, without causing harmful DNA damage to human cells.
  3. Continuous Disinfection
    The ability to disinfect both air and surfaces continuously ensures a safer environment in real-time, reducing the risk of pathogen spread significantly.
  4. Cost Efficiency
    The long-term cost savings from reduced infection rates, decreased sick days, and enhanced patient safety outweigh the initial investment, making it a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities.
  5. Sustainability
    UV222 technology supports sustainable healthcare by reducing the need for chemical disinfectants and their associated environmental impacts. Far-UVC is highly efficient in whole-room disinfection. In a scientific study, Far-UVC lamps provided an impressive 184 equivalent air exchanges per hour (eACH), setting a new standard in disinfecting indoor occupied spaces. This approach offers a low upfront investment cost and ensures minimal energy consumption during use.

Research and Validation

Extensive research confirms the safety and effectiveness of UV Medico's UV222 technology. Studies show that 222 nm UV light significantly reduces the risk of corneal damage and has no mutagenic or cytotoxic effects, making it safe for continuous use. This technology effectively inactivates airborne and surface pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA and fungi such as Candida, without harming human cells.

Our UV222 Standard Lamp, now installed at King Hamad American Mission Hospital, offers a robust solution for infection control in healthcare settings. Another example of a successful implementation after Falck ambulances, where UV222 technology ensures a safe environment for patients and staff in critical mobile healthcare settings.

Healthcare facilities often face challenges maintaining sterile environments, especially with persistent threats like mold. Our studies, such as the one on fighting mold infestations, highlight the importance of reducing mold in healthcare settings to prevent infections and improve air quality.

Installation at King Hamad American Mission Hospital

The installation of UV222 Standard Lamps at King Hamad American Mission Hospital was planned and executed to ensure minimal disruption to hospital operations. Here are the key aspects of the installation:

  1. Ease and Speed of Installation
    The UV222 lamps were installed quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring hospital operations continued seamlessly.
  2. Non-Disruptive Method
    The installation process was designed to avoid interfering with the hospital's daily activities, ensuring that patient care was not compromised.
  3. Continuous Disinfection
    The UV222 devices provide ongoing disinfection, targeting both air and surfaces. This capability is particularly crucial in high-traffic areas such as operating rooms, where maintaining sterility is paramount.
  4. Efficacy Against Multidrug-Resistant Organisms
    The UV222 lamps are effective against challenging pathogens like MRSA and Candida, significantly reducing the risk of infection.
  5. Endorsement by Infection Control Team
    The technology has been endorsed by Dr. Jameela Al Salmaan, leading the Infection Control Team, who selected the operation room as the initial implementation site.
Installation of UV Medico's UV222 Standard lamp in the Operation Room ceiling
KHAMH - Installation


American Mission Hospital – King Hamad Overview

Established on January 26, 2023, in A'Ali, King Hamad American Mission Hospital is the fifth and largest branch of the American Mission Hospital.

This modern facility has been carefully designed to deliver outstanding care, with our advanced technology playing a crucial role in maintaining high hygiene and safety standards.

Peter Johansen - UV Medico Chairman - Presentation at Kings Hamad Hospital in Barhain


The partnership between UV Medico and King Hamad American Mission Hospital represents a significant step forward in infection control. Our UV222 technology enhances patient and staff safety and supports sustainable and cost-effective healthcare practices. By integrating continuous disinfection capabilities, we aim to revolutionize the way healthcare facilities manage hygiene and pathogen control.

We invite you to learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can benefit your healthcare facility. For more information, contact us today and explore the potential of UV222 technology to transform your infection control practices.