UV Medico’s Management

An agile, effective team of business entrepreneurs, lighting technologists, and scientific experts applying breakthrough light-based technologies to keeping people, businesses and other organisations safe from airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.


Christian Holm

Christian Kanstrup Holm


Professor in Infection & Immunology, holding a Ph.D in Medicine from Aarhus University (Denmark).

Peter Johansen -300x300

Peter Johansen

Co-founder, Chairman of the board

Multi-successful entrepreneur, innovator, and marketer, with over 35 years of experience in the lighting industry.

Nicolas Volet 01

Nicolas Volet

Co-founder & CTO

Holds a Ph.D in Laser Physics from EPFL, specialising in chip-level photonic technologies for industrial applications.

Ping - COO uv medico

Ping Hu


Dynamic leader with extensive experience in strategic management and customer care, driving innovation and excellence at UV Medico.


Søren Rohde


Søren is responsible for all press and marketing related questions. Feel free to reach out.

Anders Samuelsen 01

Anders Samuelsen

CEO - UV Medico Europe

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and CEO of UV Medico Europe.