About UV Medico

What we stand for.

Our Core Values: The Pillars of Our Excellence

Commitment to Excellence:

UV Medico strives for unparalleled quality in every aspect of our work. From research and development to customer service, we aim to exceed expectations, ensuring that our solutions lead the market in efficacy, reliability, and user experience.

Innovation and Adaptability:

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Far-UVC technology, continually adapting our solutions to meet the evolving needs of healthcare and public spaces. Our agile approach allows us to respond swiftly to new challenges, ensuring our products remain at the forefront of disinfection technology.


At the core of UV Medico's mission is the safety of our users and their environments. Our technologies are designed with human health as a priority, offering effective disinfection solutions that are safe for people, materials, and the environment.


We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, understanding their unique needs, and delivering tailored solutions. Our focus is on providing exceptional support and ensuring the success of our clients in achieving their safety and hygiene goals.

Collaboration and Teamwork:

UV Medico values the power of collaboration, both within our team and with our partners and clients. We foster a culture of teamwork, sharing knowledge, and working together towards common goals, driving innovation, and success in infection prevention.

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Welcoming UV Medico Newest Members


Read the stories of Mads, a Software Engineer with vast Video Game development experience, Michael, our Warehouse Manager and Yiwen, who makes sure UV Medico never runs out of awesome content.


Our Foundation

UV Medico was born from a vision to combat global health challenges through innovative technology.

In the wake of the pandemic, our founders recognized the urgent need for effective, safe disinfection solutions.

With expertise in UVC technology and a commitment to excellence, we set out to create products that not only address current health concerns but also pave the way for a safer future.

Our foundation is built on innovation, safety, and a deep-seated desire to protect communities worldwide.


Our Story


COVID-19 pandemic

The SARS-CoV2 virus causes a global lockdown, bringing the world to a halt. Different products using UVC and Far-UVC light appear on the market, bringing disinfection into small businesses and private homes.


UV Medico

The Danish company UV Medico is founded, focusing on using human-safe Far-UVC light at 222 nm.


UV Medico


UV Medico Gulf

UV Medico Gulf is dedicated to innovating healthcare in the Gulf region with experienced professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to quality and patient satisfaction.


UV Booth

Our latest booth has found its new owner, marking our third successful sale.



UV Booth


New Office

UV Medico has moved to a new location to accommodate our growth and better serve our valued customers and partners.


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 Christian K. Holm has been appointed as the new UV Medico's CEO

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UV Laser

UVLaser, developed from our work at UV Medico, is a new stride in Far-UVC technology (200–230 nm). This initiative expands on our commitment to safe, effective disinfection solutions that protect human health.

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Stay Tuned

Our Story

Stay connected with us as we continue to share our journey and updates, both here on our website and on LinkedIn. Join us as we navigate through our story and milestones, and be a part of our growth and success. Follow along to see where our journey takes us next!


UV Medico Management Team

Do you want to get in touch with the UV Medico Management team? Learn more about us here.
Christian Holm

Christian Kanstrup Holm


Professor in Infection & Immunology, holding a Ph.D in Medicine from Aarhus University (Denmark).

Peter Johansen -300x300

Peter Johansen

Co-founder, Chairman of the board

Multi-successful entrepreneur, innovator, and marketer, with over 35 years of experience in the lighting industry.

Nicolas Volet 01

Nicolas Volet

Co-founder & CTO

Holds a Ph.D in Laser Physics from EPFL, specialising in chip-level photonic technologies for industrial applications.

Ping - COO uv medico

Ping Hu


Dynamic leader with extensive experience in strategic management and customer care, driving innovation and excellence at UV Medico.


Søren Rohde


Søren is responsible for all press and marketing related questions. Feel free to reach out.

Anders Samuelsen 01

Anders Samuelsen

CEO - UV Medico Europe

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and CEO of UV Medico Europe.