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UV Medico At Lounges Cleanroom Processes 2024

UV Medico At Lounges Cleanroom Processes 2024

Join UV Medico at the forefront of cleanroom innovation at the Lounges Cleanroom Processes 2024 in Karlsruhe, Germany, from April 23-25. 

Introducing UV Medico's Presence at Lounges Cleanroom Trade Show

UV Medico is excited to announce its presence at the upcoming Lounges Cleanroom Trade Show from 23-25 April.

It will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany. This trade show is specifically focused on cleanroom technology, which is one of the main areas of expertise for UV Medico. You can find us at stand I 1.3.

Our representative at the Lounges Cleanroom Trade Show will be Peter Tønning, the Senior System Engineer at UV Medico. Peter is an expert in the field of photonics and laser physics. He will be able to provide valuable insights into UV Medico's cleanroom innovations. Book a meeting with Peter in advance here.

Meet Peter Tønning - UV Medico's representative at Lounges Cleanroom 2024

Peter Tønning is an experienced experimental physicist with years of experience in laser systems and optical systems. After some time as a postdoctoral researcher, he joined UV Medico and set out to bring innovative Far-UVC solutions to the market.

At UV Medico, Peter works on exploring the physical properties of the Far-UVC light driving all of UV Medico's products. Based on measurements, simulations, and scientific literature we establish the safest and most efficient deployment of Far-UVC for the application at hand.

Besides the commercial projects for UV Medico and UV Laser, Peter is engaged in multiple research projects funded by the Danish government, the EU, and private research funds underlining the strong scientific pedigree of UV Medico.

UV Medico's Goals and Vision at Lounges Cleanroom Trade Show

With an increased focus on viable bacteria counts across all levels of pharmaceutical production; efficient disinfection is key in cleanroom contamination control strategies. The UV222 product line harnesses an emerging technology providing unprecedented efficiency for whole-room disinfection.

As opposed to filtration and ventilation systems the Far-UVC light targets living microorganisms directly, inactivating them in the air or on surfaces. In addition to our versatile lamps, UV Medico is pioneering custom solutions for more targeted applications for rapid decontamination in controlled environments.

With the UV222 Booth and UV222 Pass-Through Box, we have developed products that become an integral part of the workflow of our customers. Come by our stand I 1.3 and see if our solutions fit your challenges or engage with us to explore how we can create a solution for your needs.

Showcasing the UV222 Booth: A Glimpse Into UV Medico's Cleanroom Solutions

One of the highlights of UV Medico's presence at the Lounges Cleanroom Trade Show will be the showcase of the UV222 Booth. The UV222 Booth is engineered to deliver unparalleled efficiency and safety. Its utilization of Far-UVC light at a wavelength of 222 nm allows for the effective inactivation of microorganisms without posing a risk to human health.

The UV222 Booth stands out for its user-friendly design and operational efficiency. It's crafted to seamlessly integrate into various settings. 

UV222 Booth - With operator

Exploring UV Medico's Targeted Products for Cleanrooms

In addition to the UV222 Booth, UV Medico will also be showcasing other targeted products for cleanrooms at the Lounges Cleanroom Processes. These products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of cleanroom environments.

One of the featured products is the UV222 Cleanroom Downlight. This innovative lighting solution utilizes Far-UVC technology to maintain a sterile environment. With its advanced design and high-performance capabilities, the UV222 Cleanroom Downlight offers a reliable and efficient solution for cleanrooms to keep bioburden levels to a minimum, even when production takes place.

By exploring UV Medico's targeted products for cleanrooms, attendees at the trade show can discover the latest advancements in cleanroom technology and how these products can enhance their cleanroom practices.