UV222 Pass-Through Box

Efficient decontamination of smaller equipment

The UV222 Pass-Through Box offers microbial decontamination of smaller equipment in a rapid process that prepares the equipment for transfer between cleanroom areas without causing any material degradation or particle transfer.

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Decontamination is key
when working in a cleanroom environment

When transferring to a higher-grade cleanroom, operators must follow strict protocols to minimise the bioburden in the cleanroom. This requirement also applies to smaller equipment such as cell phones, goggles, safety shoes, gloves, syringes, or bottles, and demands swift and efficient decontamination measures.

The UV222 Pass-Through Box provides an effective solution for rapid microbial decontamination. This device features a two-door system, which allows access from different cleanroom-grade areas. The Pass-Through box ensures not only efficient decontamination but also prevents the transfer of particles from one area to another.

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Combatting Mold with Advanced Far-UVC Solutions

Mold spores can compromise indoor air quality, triggering a range of health issues from severe allergic reactions to life-threatening infections, particularly in hospital environments. Our latest research reveals that intermittent, low-dose applications of UV222 are surprisingly effective in halting mold growth, ensuring cleaner air while maintaining safe environments for human presence. This innovative approach not only aligns with real-world usage but also opens new frontiers for maintaining health standards in medical facilities and beyond.

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