April, 23th-25th 2024 in Karlsruhe, Germany
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Cleanroom Processes

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Peter Tønning - UV Medico

Peter Tønning

Senior System Engineer

Peter is an expert in photonics and laser physics. At UV Medico, Peter studies the generation, manipulation, and biological/material effects of Far UVC light.

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Cleanroom challenges


Contamination Control: Cleanrooms must maintain stringent cleanliness to prevent contamination affecting product quality and safety.

Human Activity Impact: Operators can introduce contaminants, despite protective gear and protocols.

Environmental Bioburden: Managing microbial load is critical to avoid contamination risks.

Airflow and Particulate Control: Ensuring efficient air filtration and minimizing human-induced particulate dispersion is essential.

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UV222 Booth: Revolutionizing Cleanroom Decontamination

Discover how the UV222 Booth, a groundbreaking innovation from UV Medico, is setting new standards in cleanroom safety and efficiency, offering fast, effective, and human-safe decontamination solutions.




UV222 Booth

Decontaminate fully gowned operators within seconds before entering a higher-grade cleanroom area.


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UV222 Step-On

A touchless, chemical-free solution for decontaminating footwear in cleanrooms, addressing contamination risks not mitigated by sticky mats.

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UV222 Cleanroom Downlight

Designed specifically for cleanroom environments, this downlight meets stringent industry standards, offering a seamless fit and superior decontamination.

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April, 23th-25th 2024

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