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Join UV Medico at Achema 2024 for Advanced Cleanroom Solutions

Join UV Medico at Achema 2024 for Advanced Cleanroom Solutions

UV Medico is excited to announce our participation in Achema 2024, one of the premier events in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. This year, we’re bringing our expertise in cleanroom decontamination to Frankfurt, showcasing our Far-UVC technology. Join us from June 10-14, 2024, to discover how our solutions can transform your cleanroom operations.

UV Medico at Achema 2024

We invite you to visit our stand at Achema 2024, where you can meet our expert team and explore our innovative products. Representing UV Medico will be Cecilie Aaberg Meltofte, Segment Manager - Indoor Air Quality, and Jordi Amagat Molas, Segment Manager - Life Science and Pharma.

Meet Our Team:
  • Cecilie Aaberg Meltofte: Cecilie holds a Master's degree in Biology from Aarhus University and is dedicated to enhancing indoor air quality through innovative solutions. Her passion for biology drives her commitment to improving environmental health.

  • Jordi Amagat Molas: Jordi is a distinguished biotechnologist with a Ph.D. in Biological and Chemical Engineering. His expertise in biomaterials and medical devices, combined with his passion for science and global exploration, makes him a key figure at UV Medico

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Innovative Products on Display

At our stand, you will find our latest innovations designed to ensure complete cleanroom decontamination

Experience the UV Bar at Achema 2024

One of the highlights of our presence at Achema 2024 is the UV Bar. This unique lounge space is designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can learn more about Far-UVC technology while enjoying a taste of Aarhus -  Denmark, where UV Medico was founded and where the headquarters is located

You can find the UV Medico stand and the UV Bar in Hall 4.1, Stand B7.

UV Medico - Achema 2024 - UV Bar

Offerings at the UV Bar:

  • Local Café: Start your day with a freshly brewed coffee from Aarhus.
  • Local Beer: Enjoy a selection of local beers, bringing the flavors of Aarhus to Frankfurt.
  • Happy Hours: Each day features a different theme, including "The Morning Coffee," "Far-UVC & Chill," and "Gin & Tonic."

The UV Bar is the perfect place to connect with industry professionals, learn about our solutions, and enjoy a relaxing break from the event’s hustle and bustle.

Free Day Tickets for Visitors

We are pleased to offer free day tickets to our guests. Use the following link to redeem your voucher code and print your personal day ticket:


Visitors can register and enter the voucher code directly at the provided link, making the process seamless and easy.

The Importance of Far-UVC for Cleanroom Decontamination

Far-UVC technology is a game-changer for maintaining stringent cleanliness standards in pharmaceutical environments. In cleanrooms, where contamination control is critical, Far-UVC light provides a highly effective solution for neutralizing pathogens, including drug-resistant bacteria, viruses like SARS-CoV-2, and other harmful microorganisms.

Additionally, because Far-UVC light is safe for human exposure, it allows personnel to work in a decontaminated space without the risk of UV-related health issues. This dual protection ensures that both the products and the people involved in their production are kept safe.

Join UV Medico at Achema 2024

Discover how our Far-UVC technology can revolutionize cleanroom decontamination. Visit our stand, meet our expert team, experience the UV Bar, and take advantage of our free day tickets. We look forward to connecting with you and showcasing our innovative solutions.

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