Cyprus Film Days International Festival is the official competition festival of Cyprus dedicated to the art of the full-length fiction film. This year was hosted in Nicosia and Limassol from April 8th until April 16th. Industry professionals from 15 different countries from Europe and the Middle East flew to join the event.

Thanks to our partner G.Z. Icarus222, a total of twelve UV222 lamps were installed at Rialto Theatre in the city of Limassol.  The lamps were programmed to cover all seats during the airing of the movies. An explanatory video was played to inform the audience about the purpose and functioning of the Far UV-C lamps in the room.

Cyprus film festival

The lamps did not interfere with the movies, even in the darkness of the projection. G.Z. Icarus used Dialux to arrange a complete seating coverage. Government Covid measures were followed, so the UV222 units provided an extra layer of protection in a confined space. The lamps, G.Z. Icarus and UV Medico had also a special place at the closing ceremony, where the benefits of Far UV-C light for disinfection were further explained.

“The conclusion for us, was that the lamps worked silently, efficiently and trouble-free to disinfect the theatre without anyt negative implications.”

Frixos Georgallides, CEO of G.Z. Icarus