It’s our pleasure to announce that we’ve partnered with G.Z. Icarus 222 Limited as our new distributor in Greece and Cyprus. With experience in various business activities, the backgrounds of our new partners are a great fit for our organisation as they can see the many applications of our products and will be key in driving sales in this part of the Mediterranean region.

G.Z. Icarus 222 Limited is also licensed as distributor to the British film industry.

“The team from Icarus 222 has a lot of tools to increase awareness and spread the word on the benefits of Far UV-C disinfection. Their sales team includes great professionals that have vast experience in bringing the best solutions to the market. We’re very pleased with this agreement,” says Anders Samuelsen, CEO of UV Medico.

G.Z. Icarus 222 Limited has been working with and studying UVC since 2020 and covers Greece and Cyprus – an area of approx. 12 million people.

“We are an enthusiastic and diverse team of collaborative business entrepreneurs and intend on bringing UV222 life-saving technology to help make the world a safer place. Our experience spans from marketing, advertising, film making, lighting and electrical engineering, banking, industrial engineering to infection and disease control. We believe that UV222 lamps will come in to change the world and disrupt the course of the most dangerous and infectious diseases mankind has ever known says Frixos Georgallides, partner in G.Z. Icarus 222 Limited.