– Extra protection in vulnerable environments

Decades of
UV light disinfecting

Environmentally friendly & continuous disinfection

The healthcare system is a pivotal pillar for the wellbeing of our society, and hospital hygiene is a top priority as a patient safety initiative.

Contaminated air and surfaces are a reservoir for the transmission of pathogens, and environmental cleaning is essential for reducing the subsequent risks. That is why hospitals and clinics strive to maintain exhaustive hygiene standards.

Clinicians, in particular front line personnel,
are at risk every day

Environmentally friendly &
continuous disinfection

Our UV222 Far UV-C lamps are created for safe and efficient disinfection of air and surfaces in occupied spaces, and the technology is backed up by numerous scientific reports. As reference, we have gathered some of the research on the subject here on our website, as well as a page explaining the safety aspect of our lamps.

The main benefit of using Far UV-C light for sanitazion, is of course the possibility of continuous disinfection around the clock in the presence of people. In addition, it is environmentally friendly since it does not use chemicals, keeping the hygiene levels high and the risk of infection low.

For vulnerable patients and critical staff, UV222 lamps are an invaluable added barrier of protection.

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Protection of medical

Clinicians, in particular frontline personnel, are at risk every day. The pandemic has cruelly exposed the vulnerability of our healthcare system without the real warriors, the medical staff. Working first-hand with patients puts staff at risk of getting the illness in question. Luckily there are good procedures in place to keep infections among the staff at a minimum, and our Far UV-C lamps can complement current standards to mitigate the risks of infection.

With sophisticated algorithms and safety features our Far UV-C lamps ensure that exposure is kept under regulated levels, while efficiently inactivating the DNA of pathogens.

As important as keeping patients safe, it is equally important to provide the best possible conditions for workers. Disinfecting air and surfaces is a great way of protecting the people fighting to keep the rest of us healthy when we’re in need.

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Environmental cleaning
is key to increase safety

Many factors are involved in the cleaning process of healthcare settings and the pandemic has raised more concerns about the efficacy of current disinfection approaches, unveiling a need for optimization. Nowadays, a lot of efforts are invested to improve hospital staff compliance with environmental cleaning behaviour. Passive disinfection, such as Far UV-C light, can help reach higher disinfection levels without adding any extra work to the process. Far UV-C disinfection can be seamlessly integrated with the environmental cleaning program of any hospital.

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