Mads Emil Bandholm

Segment Manager in Healthcare and Ambulance

Mads Emil Bandholm drives business growth in the healthcare and ambulance sectors worldwide.

Mads Emil Bandholm, Segment Manager in healthcare and ambulance of UV Medico,  is dedicated to applying far-UVC technology in hospitals and ambulances.

After graduating from business school, Mads pursued a career in sales, starting his journey with UV Medico in Thailand. He has since specialized in developing connections with distributors worldwide, promoting far-UVC technology in new markets, and managing business in the global ambulance sector.

With a keen eye for details, Mads excels at tailoring customized solutions for clients' needs. Through effective communication with distributors, Mads is well experienced in tackling all kinds of challenges arising in healthcare scenarios. 

If you work in healthcare or ambulances and seek effective disinfection solutions, book a meeting with Mads.