Using Far UV-C to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Safe for humans

Efficient defense against airborne diseases

Airborne transmission of diseases like seasonal influenza and COVID-19 poses significant public health challenges. Enhance indoor air quality by installing UV222, which continuously diminishes the airborne bioburden.

UV light at 222 nm exhibits robust germicidal effectiveness against airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi, offering a proactive strategy for disease control.

35 air changes per hour achieved effortlessly

By installing UV222, you can achieve increased air quality equivalent to 35 air changes per hour.

The lamps offer silent operation, low energy consumption, maintenance-free use, and a long lifespan.

Enhanced safety in your surroundings

The UV222 lamps are versatile and can be installed in various locations to improve air quality.

They are suitable for settings such as classrooms, waiting rooms, canteens, and offices, without disrupting any daily routines.

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