Cecilie Aaberg Meltofte

Segment Manager in Indoor Air Quality

Cecilie is responsible for business development in areas focusing on indoor air quality.

Cecilie Aaberg Meltofte, Segment Manager in indoor air quality of UV Medico, drives market growth across industries that demand hygienic indoor spaces, improving human health and wellbeing.

Before joining UV Medico, Cecilie developed a keen interest in microbiology. Graduated with a master's degree in biology from Aarhus University, Cecilie specializes in microbiology and has contributed to research projects in the field.  "Killing bacteria to stop spread of infectious diseases is a big interest of mine," Cecilie says with a smile.

In the commercial team, Cecilie leverages her scientific knowledge to support everyday operations. She plays a key role in bridging the gap between scientific development and business growth, sharing her comprehensive understanding of far-UVC technology and biology with clients across various industries.

If you're looking to enhance the hygiene of your indoor spaces and protect against microbial threats, book a meeting with Cecilie.