Far UV-C Healthcare Solutions

Safe for humans

Elevated decontamination across hospitals

Our UV222 lamps redefine hospital cleanliness, effectively decontaminating key areas such as waiting rooms, operation theatres, patient rooms, staff rooms, and canteens.

These low-maintenance, energy-efficient lamps operate autonomously while ensuring human safety.

Advanced safety for all

In hospitals, stringent cleanliness standards safeguard both staff and patients from disease transmission.

UV222 technology elevates hospital safety by providing continuous decontamination, reducing microorganism proliferation between cleaning sessions.

Streamlined decontamination for efficiency

Introducing the UV222 Pass-Through Box, a solution for rapid decontamination of small equipment like stethoscopes, utensils, remote controls, and occupational therapy gear, without compromising materials.

Every moment counts for hospital staff, and this time-saving, human-safe device empowers them to focus on essential patient care.

*Dimensions are based on a standard UV222 Pass-Through Box. The product can be customised.

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