Far UV-C Healthcare Solutions

Safe for humans

Effective decontamination in occupied spaces

The Far UV-C solution by UV Medico provides continuous, human-safe, and effective decontamination in critical care units without disrupting patient care.

Far UV-C targets all known pathogens including multi-resistant bacteria, Candida auris, MRSA, and coronaviruses, outperforming traditional methods for a superior and professional decontamination solution.

During surgical procedures, patients face a significant risk of developing surgical site infections (SSIs), which can lead to substantial morbidity and even fatalities. The application of UV222 in operating theatres during surgeries reduces the risk of SSIs.

Hosptial acquired infections with Candida auris represent an emerging and critical healthcare challenge globally.

Until recently, there were no effective prevention solutions to fight the spread of Candida auris in hospitals.

Today, UV Medico’s Far UV-C technology effectively prevents the spread of Candida auris to reduce the risk of severe fungal infections.

Multi-drug resistance in bacteria is responsible for millions of fatalities every year. UV Medico’s Far UV-C solutions have demonstrated remarkable efficacy against drug resistant bacteria, offering a solution to mitigate this threat.

The Far UV-C technology provided by UV Medico is of particular relevance in hospital units for patients highly susceptible to infection. This includes neonatal care units, ICUs, departments of haematology and oncology.

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Linear light for operating theatres

The UV222 Linear offers continuous air and surface decontamination in operating theatres. The UV222 Linear can be integrated as a stand-alone unit or integrated with a Laminar Air Flow (LAF) system.

This integration ensures effective and chemical-free decontamination, serving as a powerful asset in upholding the cleanliness and safety standards of modern surgical facilities, all without posing any risk to patients or medical staff.

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