Run a healthy business in more ways than one with UV222™

Maintaining a healthy
work environment

Continuous disinfection without interruptions

Keeping employees safe, happy, and healthy is key to maximising the growth of your business. Employers can help prevent and slow the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining a healthy work environment. The workplace is a very suitable setting for the spread of pathogens. Meeting with co-workers in reduced spaces, gatherings in the cafeteria and quick chats in the corridors are important parts of every employee’s work routine, but also carry the risk of spreading infections. Common viruses can affect the daily activities of any corporation. As an example, Influenza epidemics occurring during autumn and winter affect 5-15% of the population, and symptoms last from 2 to 7 days. This translates into employee sick leave, lower business productivity, and eventually, economic loss.

Far UV-C light has been proven to disinfect surfaces and air in a matter of minutes. That’s why our UV222 lamps, emitting light at 222 nm, are great for extra disinfection that can be easily implemented in any type of business, and it is not conditioned by employees’ habits or behaviour. Many scientific papers have shown the germicidal efficacy and safety properties of 222 nm-light, validating the advantages of our technology. Our Far UV-C lamps have a patented optical filter integrated which blocks potential harmful wavelengths, a breakthrough for the disinfection of occupied spaces.

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Continuous disinfection
without interruptions

Besides being highly effective to eliminate pathogens, our products have the advantage of being suitable for continuous disinfection of air and surfaces in the presence of people. Until now, conventional low-pressure mercury lamps have been the most common solution for disinfection of spaces, but they are installed in upper room ventilation systems to avoid human exposure since their wavelength of emission damages skin cells. Moreover, traditional cleaning methods with chemicals do not decrease the risk of infection during working hours since the disinfection is normally done afterward. On the contrary, UV222 lamps can be installed in crowded offices and spaces without disturbing the company’s processes.

UV222 lamps are the new generation of UV light disinfecting systems that effectively kills pathogens such as viruses and bacteria without interrupting staff workflow and performance.

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disinfection is easy

Traditional chemical products used for cleaning are well known for their polluting characteristics but still are needed in many settings. Disinfection with UV light has the distinct asset of not having any negative impact on our environment, so it can be used as a complementary disinfection solution to eliminate viruses and bacteria while reducing the consumption of toxic cleaning agents.

Reducing the use of chemicals is easy with UV222 – installation is done quickly by trained personnel, and configuration is adapted to every case.

Our Far UV-C lamps come with advanced algorithms maximizing germicidal efficiency and maintaining light dose under-regulated values. This ensures easy and thorough disinfection with minimal effort.

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