Far UV-C Decontamination of Ambulances

Continuous and human-safe, even during usage

Enhanced safety for medical staff and patients

Microbial contamination within ambulances presents a potential risk of disease transmission to both patients and medical staff during transfer to hospitals.

The UV222 Vehicle effectively decontaminates the ambulance’s patient cabinet, adding an additional layer of protection without prolonging the standard cleaning procedure. This continuous decontamination occurs whether the ambulance is unoccupied or in operation, creating a safer environment for staff and patients.

The report can be downloaded here.

Holm - UV222™ Report: Installation in Ambulance

Compact and easy to install

The UV222 Vehicle allows for installations with directly mounting inside the ambulance in places like side panels, top panels, corners, or other suitable spots based on requirements. The compact design of the UV222 Vehicle lamp ensures that it will not interfere with ambulance operations.

We offer customised solutions to meet the requirements of specific installation projects.

Decontamination of ambulances on the go

Cleaning of ambulances occurs after patients have been transferred to the hospital. This means that the lack of cleaning while the ambulance is in operation and occupied leaves a gap in the protection of the medical staff and patients against disease transmission. The UV222 Vehicle introduces a new standard, decontaminating the ambulance continuously, even during operation, ensuring comprehensive hygiene in real-time.

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