UV222 Step-On

Decontaminate cleanroom shoes
with the UV222 Step-On

Personnel working in cleanrooms are trained to minimise their bioburden by following strict protocols and wearing specific protective equipment. This includes wearing specially designed cleanroom shoes, which are easy to clean, that secure stability, and are often made of a non-shedding fabric.

Although the shoes are easy to clean, they still represent a risk of contamination, when personnel put on their shoes and move through different cleanroom areas. Sticky mats are now used in cleanroom settings, doing a good job in removing dust and dirt from under the shoes.

The UV222 Step-On is touchless, chemical-free, and a fast and effective way of decontaminating the entire outsole of the shoes, reaching areas inaccessible to sticky mats and wipes.

UV222-Step-On Measures


The dimensions are based on a standard UV222 Step-On, and it can be customised to specific needs.


Light source Krypton chloride excimer lamp
Wave length 222 nm
Average irradiance (on sole) 1000 uW/cm² †
Dose in 15 sec. (on sole) 15 mJ/cm² †
Input voltage 85-305V AC 50/60 Hz
Mode 15 sec. duty cycle †
Max power consumption 320 W
Dimensions 540 x 700 x 126 mm (1.77 x 2.3 x 0.41 ft) †
Operating temperature 0° to +50° C (32° to 122° F)

Installation and maintenance

The UV222 Step-On is designed for straightforward installation and maintenance within the cleanroom areas, specifically integrated into the floor, for a seamless and safe solution. The surface is accessible for cleaning and can be ordered in one of two types of medical-grade stainless steel (304L or 316L), renowned for their strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

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