We are all vulnerable

The world has recently been given a wake-up call about what viruses can do.

We have seen how vulnerable the basics of our society and our businesses can be.

Manage pathogen impact

Manage pathogen impact

UV Medico provides pioneer ultraviolet light solutions that revolutionise how we deal with pathogens in practical, real-world situations.

We enable you to keep any kind of occupied spaces safe and infection-free.

Be safe - feel safe

Be safe – feel safe

UV222 from Far UV-C specialists UV Medico, provide breakthrough bacteria inactivation solutions that ensure a safer, healthier future wherever people gather.

The product line


UV Medico’s standard model helps you make offices, medical installations and more, safe from bacteria and diseases.


Customized UV Medico lamps dedicated to the interior of ambulances and lifts.

UV222 Downlight in RAL 9010 finish with light source on


UV disinfection – now camouflaged in a neutral ceiling spot.


Deeper and safer disinfection made possible, with an elegant design easily integrated into any space.

UV222 Industrial with aluminium finish


Its IP66 rating offers protection wherever maximum durability is required.

UV222 Booth


Designed to disinfect gowned personnel right at the entrance of high-grade classified areas.

Proven effects
– resurrected

Ultraviolet light has been used for over a century to disinfect key environments by removing bacteria and viruses. Traditional pressure mercury lamps are big, bulky instruments mostly only used for disinfection purposes in labs and in places where there aren’t any people.

The science has been known since about 1946 – well-proven and safe – but it never really caught on for mainstream use. With the advent of antibiotic-resistant pathogens and disruptive pandemics rolling across society, there has been a rapidly accelerating interest in using Far UV-C light to kill bacteria and viruses.

Inactivating &

These unique technology packages from UV Medico use far-ultraviolet light with an exact, carefully focused 222 nm wavelength to safely and effectively inactivate virtually any kind of pathogens in the air and on surfaces all around us, by damaging their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) so they cannot replicate.

The light is absorbed into virtually any surface and material, disinfecting entire rooms even while they are full of people.

How it works

Our Chief Medical Advisor, Christian Kanstrup Holm, explains how the UV222 lamps prevents viral spread.

Explore the technology behind how we create a safer tomorrow