Human-Safe Far-UVC Light Solutions for Decontamination

New and effective technology safeguards human health across sectors

Far-UVC light kills pathogenic microorganisms including viruses, multi-resistant bacteria and fungi. Due to a favorable safety profile, Far-UVC light products provide continuous protection from infection exactly where it is needed the most - right where we live and work.

Areas of expertise

Cleanroom Products


UV222 Booth

Decontaminate fully gowned operators within seconds prior to entering a cleanroom

UV222 Step-On

Decontaminate the outsole of cleanroom safety shoes, while being worn by an operator

UV222 Cleanroom Downlight

Designed for suspended ceilings and can also be operated remotely

UV222 Pass-Through Box

Decontaminate and transfer small equipment safely between different cleanroom areas

UV222 Material Airlock

360° decontamination of large equipment being transferred from one clean area to another

Healthcare Products



UV222 makes offices, medical installations and more safe from bacteria and diseases

UV222 Downlight

It offers targeted decontamination for air and surface cleanliness

UV222 Linear

LAF-compatible and designed for settings requiring the dual effect of visible and Far-UVC light.

Vertex 222

Fixed or portable? Vertex 222 is ideal for various environments seeking a safer, cleaner space.

UV222 Pendant

Deeper and safer disinfection with an elegant design easily integrated into any space

Other Products


UV222 Ambulance

Seamless installation making it the ultimate Far-UVC solution tailored for ambulances

UV222 Industrial

Its IP66 rating offers protection where maximum durability is required.



Sustainable Healthcare with Far-UVC

Are you interested in learning how Far-UVC can help your clinic or hospital to get a more sustainable future?
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substainable health

UV222 Booth: A game changer in cleanroom decontamination

Until now, a significant challenge has been posed by the presence of small biologicals and pathogens, which can remain viable and undermine cleanroom security.

The revolutionary UV222 Booth, utilizes human-safe Far-UVC wavelength to reduces cleanroom excursions.

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