Unique safety filter technology makes UV222 the safest disinfection lamp on the market

A groundbreaking technology from UV Medico creates the safest Far UV-C lamp on the market.

The end of side-emissions

Far UV-C light at 222 nanometres (nm) wavelength is a perfect tool for air and surface disinfection. However, side-emissions remained a concern until recently.

The disinfecting potential of Far UV-C light has been known for years, but researchers and companies in the sterilisation industry have continued to struggle with one particular safety concern: besides the light emitted at 222 nm, Far UV-C lamps known until now also emit small amounts of secondary emissions at different wavelengths. Secondary emissions at larger wavelengths than 222 nm can potentially be harmful to human tissue and eyes.

UV222 lamps have revolutionised the UV-C light industry. They have integrated a patented safety filter technology, which blocks secondary wavelengths, making them safe for human exposure and a major breakthrough in the market.

How the filter works

Its unique safety filter technology, Care222® from Ushio, makes UV222 safer than any other disinfection lamp on the market.

The safety filter technology in the lamp from UV Medico is a thin filter that only lets through light at around 222 nm and blocks all other unwanted radiation.

It works much in the same way as sunglasses with UV protection, blocking the UV radiation from passing through and entering the environment, completely eliminating dangerous longer wavelengths and making the light from the lamp safe.

Absorption of far UVC

First non-harmful Far UV-C light

The Far UV-C lamp UV222 from UV Medico is the first non-harmful UV lamp

UV222 emits a type of UV-C light that, when applied in the correct doses and in combination with the patented safety filter technology, is harmless to humans.

No penetration of human skin

Numerous independent research projects have demonstrated that Far UV-C light at 222 nm, when emitted in the correct doses, can inactivate pathogens while remaining unable to penetrate the outer layer of mammalian skin or the outer tear layer of the eye.

No harmful doses

UV222 emits Far UV-C light at a wavelength of 222 nm in harmless doses. The lamp is in full compliance with local, European, and global guidelines.

UV222 is, therefore, a key component in preventing infectious diseases from affecting individuals, organisations, and companies, and disrupting society as a whole.