Far UV-C Cleanroom Solutions

Substantial reduction of cleanroom excursions

Full decontamination of gowned operators in seconds

The innovative UV222 Booth has already been successfully integrated into leading pharmaceutical high-grade cleanrooms. Within seconds, it reduces contaminating bioburden below detection levels. By minimising the risk of operators introducing contamination into the cleanroom environment, the incidence of excursions is lowered substantially.

The UV222 Booth offers a solution by allowing fully gowned operators to enter cleanrooms without any microbial contamination on their gown, mask, goggles, or other equipment. With a fully touchless interface, operators can step into the UV222 Booth and initiate a rapid decontamination process, that takes only seconds to complete.

Around 80% of cleanroom particles originate from humans, and it is well established that operators are the predominant source of contamination.

A game changer in cleanroom decontamination

Until now, a significant challenge has been posed by the presence of small biologicals and pathogens in residual smaller particles, which can remain viable and undermine cleanroom security.

The revolutionary UV222 Booth, utilising the human-safe Far UV-C wavelength at 222 nm, reduces cleanroom excursions.

Customised solutions for any cleanroom

The UV222 Booth is designed to be versatile, allowing for easy installation in existing cleanrooms.

By synchronising the UV222 Booth with the cleanroom’s automated system, the decontamination process can be aligned seamlessly with existing workflows and protocols. It can be positioned in specific locations to suit the layout and requirements of the cleanroom.








Cleanroom Solutions

UV222 Booth

Decontaminate fully gowned operators within seconds prior to entering a higher-grade cleanroom area.

UV222 Cleanroom Downlight

A fixture designed for suspended ceilings that can also be operated remotely.

UV222 Pass-Through Box

Decontaminate and transfer small equipment safely between different cleanroom areas.

UV222 Step-On

Decontaminate the outsole of cleanroom safety shoes while being worn by an operator.

UV222 Material Airlock

360° decontamination of large equipment being transferred from one clean area to another.

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