UV222 Cleanroom Downlight

Minimise the risk of contamination in cleanrooms

Cleanroom standards outline stringent requirements, dictating the particle and microbial load tolerances for grade D to A cleanrooms. Cleanroom operators are trained to navigate these highly restricted environments. Additionally, specialised ventilation systems are engineered to deliver filtered airflow. These combined efforts reduce the risk of particle contamination in the production area.

Incorporating the UV222 Cleanroom Downlight into cleanrooms continuously reduces the microbial load resulting from operator activities, diminishing the overall risk of contamination.

The UV222 Cleanroom Downlight is easily integrated in pre-existing cleanrooms, offering effective and chemical-free air and surface decontamination. Its circular design ensures a perfect fit into industrial ceilings.

UV222-Cleanroom Downlight

Designed for cleanrooms

The UV222 Cleanroom Downlight meets all cleanroom installation requirements up to class A/B. This includes the need for a primary seal, which can be inspected and replaced every 5 years for maintenance.

The front module of the lamp is oriented towards the cleanroom area, serving as a ceiling insert that seamlessly fits various types of ceiling panels. It is powder-coated, and features quartz glass bonded and sealed to the ceiling panel using FDA-approved silicone. To access the lamp for maintenance, the back module can be unscrewed.

Furthermore, the entire lamp is certified IP66, dust-tight, and complies with ATEX directives for added safety and reliability.


Light source Krypton chloride excimer lamp
Wave length 222 nm
Output (60° beam angle) 115 mW (Typical)
Output (100° beam angle) 70 mW (Typical)
Input voltage 85-305V AC 50/60 Hz
Mode Continuous / duty cycle / motion activated
Max power consumption 17 W
Weight 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Dimensions ⌀ 236 mm x 100 mm (⌀ 9.29 in x 3.93 in)
Power lead (PVC) 3 x 0.75 mm² / 5 m (18 AWG / 16.4 ft)
Operating temperature 0° to +50° C (32° to 122° F)
UV222-Cleanroom Downlight Dimensions


Ø: 236 mm
Height: 100 mm

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