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Ultraviolet Lighting During Orthopaedic Surgery and Rate of Infection

In this study, Ritter et al. compared the disinfection efficacy of laminar airflow (LAF) and conventional UV light over a nineteen-year period in...

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Far-UVC Light Proven Safe: No DNA Damage or Skin Lesions in Mice

In this study, chronic irradiation with 222 nm UVC light was revealed not to induce mutagenic or cytotoxic effects in the epidermis of mice. These...

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Far-UVC: Significantly Safer for Eyes, Proven by Corneal Damage Study

This peer-reviewed article evaluated acute corneal damage induced by 222 and 254 nm UV light in albino rats. In the study, no corneal damage was...

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Long-Term Study: UVC Lamps Safe for Mice Sensitive to UV Radiation

In a study conducted by Yamano et al., the long-term effects of UV222 irradiation on the skin and eyes were assessed using mice, which are known to...

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Far-UVC: New Tool for Controlling Airborne Microbial Diseases

In this peer-reviewed article from Scientific Reports, it is shown for the first time that Far-UVC efficiently inactivates airborne aerosolised...

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Far-UVC (222 nm) Safely Inactivates Airborne Human Coronaviruses

This peer-reviewed article from Scientific Reports, shows that continuous Far-UVC exposure in occupied public locations at the current regulatory...

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