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Breakthrough in Mold Inhibition
in hospitals

Mold infestations are a silent crisis undermining the safety of hospital environments, jeopardizing patient health, and compromising structural integrity. But the tide is turning with the advent of Far-UVC light at 222 nm – an innovative solution scientifically proven to inhibit the growth of mold-producing fungi, like Penicillium candidum, effectively and safely.

A Sustainable and Economical Solution

Harnessing the power of low-intensity, intermittent Far-UVC irradiation, our UV lamps deliver mold inhibition lowering the bioburden, ensuring a sustainable and affordable approach to improving indoor air quality. This method not only contributes to a healthier hospital environment but also aligns with eco-friendly initiatives and financial prudence.

Safety and Efficiency in Symbiosis

Our cutting-edge Far-UVC technology operates within safe human exposure limits, providing continuous mold growth control without compromising patient or staff well-being. The intuitive, low-dose duty cycles imply mold is kept at bay while maintaining the highest safety standards.

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