Protecting athletes and sports teams on the biggest stages

Real time protection
from viruses and bacteria

UV222™ lamps are the premier option for real time protection from viruses and bacteria in populated spaces, and the natural choice for minimizing the risk of infection for the world’s best athletes. We have helped protect some of the biggest sporting events in the world and our flexible solutions are a perfect fit for all kinds of competitions, tournaments, and championships.

Our Far UV-C lamps with an integrated patented filter, fight viruses and bacteria in a human-safe manner, which allows continuous disinfection while people are still present. This unique solution and disinfecting method is greatly suited to big sporting events with large gatherings of people, to protect athletes from potential sources of infection and help them focus on what really matters.

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the players

Over the last two years, with the pandemic outbreak, players have increasingly been isolated in “bio-bubbles” to shield them from the outside world. This approach was introduced to resume sporting events in controlled environments and contain the spread of infections. However, it does not prevent an outbreak among the athletes once the infection has reached the team.

One example is the European Championships in handball 2022. All but one squad had COVID-19 virus spreading among the players. Some of the teams were affected to the extent that their participation was in jeopardy. The only team to not have infections spread was Denmark – also the only team protected by UV222 from UV Medico.

The key was the continuous disinfection of populated areas. Team Denmark achieved this with UV222 lamps on portable mounts in all shared areas, eliminating pathogens in a safe way for the players. Thanks to a unique filter which blocks potential harmful wavelengths, our lamps emit light at a peak of 222 nm, which effectively kills viruses and bacteria without damaging any human tissues. Even with an infected player who caught the infection back home and joined the tournament midway, the infection did not spread among the team since UV222 kept shining on the Danish player.

Our UV222 lamps have also helped protect different teams against the spread of infections at the UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 and the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

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the crowd

While the games are the natural focus of these tournaments, and the athletes the prime focus, we should not forget that the vast majority of participants are in the stands. During these events, stadiums can gather massive crowds, which makes the implementation of safety measures, like keeping distances from one another, difficult.

Continuous disinfection with Far UV-C is intended for the disinfection of surfaces and air, perfectly suited for these scenarios, where pathogens that spread through the air will be inactivated as soon as they enter in contact with the light.

As opposed to traditional disinfectants, there is no need to clear a room for personnel to scrub surfaces, because the UV222 can be used in the presence of people. UV222 can be easily installed in any stadium to help minimize the spread of infections through the audience and provide a safer experience for fans wanting to witness great athletic feats in the arena.

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