Far UV-C disinfection
for everyone


Health sector

Health sector

The healthcare system is a pivotal pillar for the wellbeing of our society, and hospital hygiene is a top priority as a patient safety initiative.

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Business sector

Business sector

Keeping employees safe, happy, and healthy is key to maximising the growth of any business. Employers can help prevent and slow the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining a healthy work environment.

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Sport sector

Sports sector

UV22™ lamps are the premier option for real time protection from viruses and bacteria in populated spaces, and the natural choice for minimising the risk of infection for the world’s best athletes.

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Maximize Effect

Customised to
maximise effect 

Each lamp comes with a factory-set beam angle of either 60 or 100 degrees, and it is configured for where it is installed, to provide the most effective coverage in any given space.

Built-in sensors and software algorithms register when there are people present, measure how many there are and how close they are, and automatically turn each unit on and off as the situation and dosing thresholds may require.

This all provides an unobtrusive yet exceptionally effective way to prevent the spread of existing, known bacteria and viruses – as well as other potential sources of infection that may crop up in the future.

A new realm of pathogen
management capabilities

The most effective form
of area disinfection

UV222 lamps from UV Medico treat a large volume of air at once, providing the most effective form of area disinfection available anywhere. This makes them ideal as a behaviour-independent preventive measure. They are much less dependent on air movement than any conventional form of air treatment or filtering.

Far UV-C light is an exceptionally effective way to destroy pathogens throughout the room – it kills or inactivates microbes by damaging their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), making it impossible for the source of contagion to replicate or spread.

Far UV-C light at the 222 nm wavelength is absorbed by an exceptionally wide range of different surfaces and materials, making sure that pathogens get inactivated regardless of where they may have spread.

It is a completely safe, exceptionally effective preventive measure that places no restrictions whatsoever on people going about their lives within the space.

Area disinfection