The southern parts of Africa are undergoing rapid development and the newly formed UV Medico Africa is ready to ensure the safety and medical security in the region.

“Africa covers a fifth of the world’s landmasses, and it makes perfect sense to make a strong connection with the people in the southern regions of the continent through UV Medico Africa. Working out of Cape Town is great for UV Medico Africa and a strategically good extension of our efforts on the continent” says Anders Samuelsen, CEO of UV Medico.

UV Medico Africa consists of specialists and entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge of the fields relevant for a wide range of customer. The company is majority owned by women and headed by CEO Karin Schnelker who is ready for the “arms race” with pathogens.

“Science and technology are our greatest weapon against ever-evolving viruses, bacteria, and resistant bacteria is just one of the threats we are facing. The unique technology from UV Medico is one of the keys to ensure the safety of the people of the southern regions of Africa, and we are committed to aiding in this very ambition,” says Karin Schnelker, CEO of UV Medico Africa.

For more about  UV Medico Africa see their press release here