Keeping horses free of infections can be a challenge, in particular during competitions. The Equine Herpes Virus EHV-1 is of particular concern since it is a highly contagious airborne virus with fatal consequences for the horses. The spread of this virus at shows can have a detrimental impact. One example is the outbreak during the CES Valencia Tour 2021. More than 100 horses were infected and several died due to the severity of the virus.

To help prevent catastrophic events as this one, we have created UV Equestrian in partnership with Global Equestrian Group (GEG).

GEG is the world’s leading equestrian sports group with activities in dressage, show jumping and events, the jewellery company Helgstrand Jewellery and equestrian accessories and apparel company Kingsland Equestrian, as well as other equestrian sports investments.

UV Equestrian has been created with the mission to provide safer spaces for horses with Far UV-C light, which neutralise viruses and bacteria in seconds. Thanks to a patented filter, these solutions are suitable for a continuous disinfection of stables, trailers and veterinary settings in the presence of people.

UV222 Stable lamps at Helgstrand Dressage stables.


GEG strives to provide the safest spaces for horses. After longtime looking for a solution to fight the spread of fatal viruses in the equine industry, such as the Herpes Virus, they were eager to learn about the Far UV-C solutions developed by UV Medico. They knew right away it would be a game changer.

UV Medico was very interested in learning about the challenges faced by this industry, and extremely excited to help providing safer environments for them.

GEG and UV Medico decided thus to join forces in this quest, leading to the new brand UV Equestrian, specially oriented to reduce the microbial load in stables, horse trailers, and veterinary spaces.

“This is an exciting adventure for UV Medico, and we are very happy to count with the amazing professionals from GEG to bring our solutions to the equine world” – Anders Samuelsen, CEO of UV Medico.


Anders Bjørnstrup, CCO of GEG, and Anders Samuelsen, CEO of UV Medico.


Martin Zimmer, Manager of UV Equestrian.

“This technology will be a game changer in our equine industry to protect what is the most important to us -Our Horses-.

Keeping horses safe in their own stables as well as on tour, or in crowded spaces such as competition facilities is our mission” – Martin Zimmer, Manager of UV Equestrian.

UV Equestrian Products

UV222 Stable

Ideal for wash, grooming areas, stalls, boxes, and tie up areas.

UV222 Trailer

Ideal for small trailers, vans, and large trucks.