March, 12th-13th 2024 in Vienna, Austria

ISPE Aseptic Conference

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UV222 Booth

Decontaminate fully gowned operators within seconds prior to entering a higher-grade cleanroom area..

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UV Medico’s standard model helps you make offices, medical installations and more, safe from bacteria and diseases.
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UV222 Industrial

Its IP66 rating offers protection wherever maximum durability is required.

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Jordi Amagat Molas

Scientific Researcher

Jordi Amagat Molas is a distinguished biotechnologist and researcher with a Ph.D. in Biological and Chemical Engineering, boasting expertise in biomaterials and medical devices at UV Medico. Jordi is driven by a passion for science, a collaborative spirit, and a love for global exploration.

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Candida auris challenges

Invasive Candida auris infections present a frequent and significant challenge due to their role in causing severe fungal infections worldwide. These infections lead to increased morbidity and mortality, as well as prolonged hospitalisations.

C. auris has an alarming ability to persist in hospital environments, surviving on various surfaces for extended periods. Moreover, C. auris infections are often associated with multi-drug resistance, complicating and increasing the cost of treatments. CDC surveillance data indicates that the in-hospital all-cause (crude) mortality among individuals with severe Candida bloodstream infections is approximately 25%.

Addressing the challenges posed by C. auris is crucial to reduce the risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs), necessitating enhanced treatment strategies and rigorous infection control measures.

Treatment of the Candida subspecies with Far UV-C at 222 nm has been tested with extraordinary results.

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Effective decontamination in occupied spaces

The Far UV-C solution by UV Medico provides continuous, human-safe, and effective decontamination in critical care units without disrupting patient care. 

Far UV-C targets all known pathogens including multi-resistant bacteria, Candida auris, MRSA, and coronaviruses, outperforming traditional methods for a superior and professional decontamination solution.




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March, 12th-13th 2024

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