UV222 Vehicle

UV222 Vehicle - For ambulances and other vehicles Compact [...]

UV222 Vehicle2022-11-16T15:44:37+01:00

UV222 Pendant

UV222 Pendant - Efficient disinfection lamp Design and efficient [...]

UV222 Pendant2022-11-16T15:43:31+01:00

UV222 Downlight

UV222 Downlight - Effective and safe disinfection Designed to [...]

UV222 Downlight2022-11-16T15:45:10+01:00


UV222 - Disinfecting and harmless UV lamp Designed to [...]


Sport sector

UV222 - Supporting sports and entertainment events around the globe [...]

Sport sector2022-11-16T15:48:48+01:00

Business sector

UV222 ensures a safe work environment Maintaining [...]

Business sector2022-11-16T15:55:52+01:00


Product line – our UV lamps Every installation is [...]


Health sector

UV222 - UV light disinfection in healthcare [...]

Health sector2022-11-16T15:54:28+01:00
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